You’ve probably been wondering what our name means. On one hand, it’s simply just the combination of the two greetings: “Hi,” and “Yo.” On the other hand, it’s a word that represents the joy we see in our kids. The sweet kind of joy when kids discover something for the first time. The joy of curiosity and wonder.

One of the founders greets his daughter with this word when he sees her in the morning.

“HIYO BABY!” would be followed by a howling “Hiiiiiiyo!” from the little one.

Hiyo is a lifestyle brand that's contemporary in style and functional in design. Our garments are made with quality fabrics that are meant to be worn as everyday wear. We offer sizes for infants all the way up to adults - so as you grow, Hiyo will grow with you.

Who we are

Hiyo was founded by designer, David-Thao Nguyen, and Tina Jian. The "H" is for Harper, Tina's daughter. And the "I" is for Isla, David's daughter. As parents, they wanted to build a clothing brand for their kids to grow up with. The collections are inspired by their fun, bold, and free spirited nature.

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